Udemy Instructor - Growth Hacking and Facebook Ads

Project Description

After learning and teaching about marketing in associations for 3 years, helping many small businesses with lead generation, and selling my own products with Facebook Ads, I create courses to teach other people online through Udemy plateform (MOOC).

Today, those courses have been followed by 4000 students.

01.  Teaching about Growth Hacking

I share knowledges on Udemy about topics related to digital marketing and growth hacking. Those subjects I chose to teach uses both marketing and computer sciences (mostly data analysis) knowledges.

02.  Highest Rated Courses

Most of my courses are amongst the top rated French courses on the plateform, giving me the gratitude to bring useful knowledges to others.

03.  Best Selling Courses

Some of those courses are also among the best selling French courses on the platform. I’ve had the privilege to be features several times as a top Instructor.

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