StockEverest - Media Base - Amazon S3 - MongoDB - Php

Project Description

StockEverest is an image database and editor for marketers. Images are a very important element in online marketing, but can be expensive. Most of the time, you have to choice between the same free images stock already used by half of the internet, or your dream image that you have to pay $5 for. StockEverest offers 50.000 never released images, along with a powerful search engine and an image editor.

StockEverest is a commercial project, that has been sold on marketplaces and affiliate platforms for the last few months.

The product had been built using Amazon S3 Storage, MongoDB, PHP, and Imagga Image recognition API.

01.  Search Engine

StockEverest offers a powerful search engine to find images from various keywords, based on AI and Imagga’s image recognition API.

02.  Scalable & Robust Database

Because of the project needs, I chose to use MongoDB as a Database. The document oriented approach, it’s ability to store objects, and to handle large unstructured datas really helped to store references to the images and their multiple tags.

03.  BackEnd

StockEverest’s Backend is based on PHP and codeigniter, along with external API integrations. To build this project faster, StockEverest has been based on a pre-build media library PHP script.