- Instagram BioLink for Marketers

Project Description is an Instagram biolink SaaS application, to help marketers leverage the power of Instagram.

Because Instagram allows you to feature one external link only on your profil, help you to set a link to a landing page and display more links, Youtube videos, capture leads through Optin forms, retarget visitors with Facebook and Google Pixels, and more advanced features. had been built with the idea of creating a commercial product, but finally changed his business model to a 100% Free SaaS, monetized through affiliate links and recommandations to the users.

01.  Mobile Friendly Landing Page is an Instagram biolink application designed to looks great on mobile, where 95% of Instagram traffic takes place. It includes tons of features to personnalise the app, along with various background modes, a Pixabay API integration, Video and Music players, many styles and colors, delayed apparition, and so on.

02.  Reliable PHP Framework has been built using PHP and the CodeIgniter framework. The technological choice have been made according to the needs of the project, from both a feature and a business point of vue.

03.  LightWeight SQL Database

The project use a clean and simple MySQL database. Because the app doesn’t deal with a lot of data, but instead needs to make various relational queries in a lightweight database, MySQL was the best alternative for that project.

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