Mass Email Marketing Tool - Amazon SES

Project Description

Email Marketing can be expensive. But thanks to Cloud technologies like Amazon SES, we can now use Web Services to send emails as cheap as $1 per 10.000 emails.

I built my own mass Email Marketing tool using Amazon SES (AWS) and Mailwizz (PHP email script).

01.  Amazon SES

Using this system, I’ve been able to send tons of emails with an incredible delivery rate. Triggers are based on Cron tables.

02.  Email Marketing Script

Mailwizz PHP script allows me to use a nice an clean graphic interface to manage my email list, templates, metrics and so on.

03.  Marketing Strategy

From a Marketing point of view, sending mass emails can be worthy or not, depending on the desired outcomes… but personnalisation always matters. This system allows me to personalize my emails using variables like {firstname} or {company}.

Depending on the desired outcome, I use this system to send mass emails, or go with more accurate email tools.