Docker Compose - Multi Container MEAN Stack application

Project Description

This small project is a Docker Compose code to easily run a MEAN Stack application (MongoDB, Node.js/Express, Angular) on 3 containers linked to each others.

Compose is a tool to build multi containers Docker applications. Because setting up a MEAN stack app can be time consuming, and node.js dependencies can create conflicts if you run many projects on the same machine, this Compose file allows you to have a MEAN app set and running in minutes.

01.  Docker Compose

Compose is a tool to run multi-containers applications. The docker-compose file set up and build the containers, from Dockerfile(s) and / or images.

02.  Dockerfile

Dockerfile is a document that contains all the instructions to build custom docker images and run commands on the container. We’re using it to run the angular2 container, and make it run through some commands.

03.  Build & Run

Similar to the angular2 Dockerfile, we are using this file to build a running Node.js / Express container. We’re not using a Dockerfile for mongoDB, since we are directly pulling an existing image from Dockerhub.

View the source code on github !