BNP Paribas DevOps Tools - SVN Deployment and Database

Project Description

For Years, BNP Paribas ALT Treasury IT teams had been deploying the application releases and cleaning the Databases manually from SVN.

I built a (Python) DevOps tool to pilot and automate the application deployment, as well as cleaning the Sybase Infocenter databases. Part of the tool has then been integrated into Jenkins.

* Projects pictures belongs to BNP Paribas

01.  SVN Deployment

To automate and make easier the application deployment process, the python tool is able to get a new application versions and deploy it on every servers (from Dev to Production), either by re-deploying the full application, or by deploying only the delta with the previous version.

02.  Database Cleaning

Along with deploying a new application version, we have to clean or reset the Sybase Infocenter database, and load some minimal needed data. The tool is able to do that job, either by working with the data only, or by working with the schemas and structures.

03.  Python

To execute this project, Python was the most relevant language. Due to its capacities of working with large amount of data, as well as querying servers, using system commands, and easily restructuring files, the technology was adopted to create those DevOps tools.