BNP Paribas - Data Warehouse - Project & Application Manager

Project Description

For 4,5 years, I’ve worked at BNP Paribas ALM Treasury on AGAPES, a core Data Warehouse application that helps the business teams to pilot the bank using mid and long term data.

For almost 3 years, I’ve been working as an analyst developper, implementing new features, managing the data and developing satellite modules.

The following 2 years, I was managing a team of 3 people and was in charge of AGAPES AED, the part of the Data Warehouse where most indicators are aggregated / processed, and restituted to the business teams through BI tools.

As a project manager, I was in charge of a important project, where we had to migrate entirely the application : going from an old legacy infrastructure to a new one (mostly relying on the cloud), setting up parallel processing to improve the general application speed, improving the Data Warehouse reliability by setting up backup nodes, replications, etc.

01.  ETL & Oracle

AGAPES Data Warehouse is made of 2 parts. Starting with an ETL, the application integrates data for more than 200 data sources coming from tens of countries. The first part consist of a Datastage ETL, loading data in an Oracle database. Either as a Developer or as a Project Manager, I mostly worked with the second part of the app, which where sourcing its data in the Oracle database.

02.  Sybase, Calculations & BI

Both as a Developer and a Project Manager, I worked for more than 4,5 years on this second (and final) part of the application.

Called AED, this part get its entry data from the Oracle Database, using PL/SQL request, orchestrated by unix shells through network transfert. We then load the data into a Sybase IQ database, and makes a huge amount of calculations processed by C++, Python and Unix Shell. Finally, we restore the data through SAP Business Object, and archive the older data to a history database. For years, I was in charge of running AED and making evolutions according to the business needs.

03.  Project Management

As a project manager, I was in charge of a huge project to improve the application. We had to move the legacy infrastructure to a new one (mostly on the cloud), to create parallel processing to make the calculations faster, improve reliability by setting up load balancer and backup nodes. Along with running the legacy version of the application and replicating the evolutions through a DevOps process that I set up.

Doing so, I was managing a team of 3 people, and interacting with tens of actors, from production teams to management and business.

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